Following on from the presentation with Dr Nasha Winters and Dr Elizabeth Thompson discussing the crucial role of hormones,  we ran out of time to answer all of the questions so Dr Nasha Winters has kindly responded to the questions below:

Let me start by saying that I am unable to answer any specific questions for folks as that would be offering a diagnosis and treatment without a proper assessment which I no longer do, but have colleagues that do.  You can reach out to my staff at if they are interested in a referral to one of our trained docs and/or a doc to doc consult with me on their behalf.   Also, you will see me say this A LOT—that there is no black/white, yes/no, always/never answers to most of these and that I will routinely say “It depends on the individual, the cancer type and state, the other treatments on board, the chronology of their diagnosis and treatment, their co-morbidities, their labs and genetics, their personality, their support system, their diet and life style, etc”, so if you see me say “ID” (It Depends)---that is what I am referring to for them, so you may have this as a starting point in sharing my responses.


So should we steer clear of doxycycline as a repurposed drug?

***Mostly ID but in general—this drug will wreak havoc on the microbiome and needs to be used in combination with other therapies to have any benefit.


What can you advise as alternatives to aromatose inhibitors?

***IDJ  DUTCH testing and other tests and whether they are pre/post menopausal, and whether they have ever done these drugs before or are having symptoms on them, and what their oncotype DX score and/or Ki67% score was at time of diagnosis, and what other therapies they have done, stage, etc….  AIs come with a host of terrible side effects and do in fact, worsen the risk factors for breast cancer, so one must go the extra mile to work on their metabolic flexibility.  Depending on all the factors, there are some natural alternatives but one must still test, not guess, on if those therapies are working or not.


Why is it that at present hormone receptive cancer treatment advises - regardless of individuals' stage n grade of breast cancer -adjuvant aromatose inhibitors like letrazole which has such profoundly adverse effects on the body?

***Discussed live


Would animal food drives further hormonal cancer?

***Factory farmed, non-0rganic, hormone and glyphosate drenched, certain epigenetics, sometimes casein (dairy protein) or lactose (dairy sugar) and sometimes red meat depending on genetics even if organic as can drive up IGF-1 in some folks.  Animal protein when done clean and as nature intended, is not an issue---in fact, the high sugar/carb diet of vegetarianism is far more concerning to me in some situations but it is always best to look at your own labs, take your glucose levels before/after meals, look at your epigenetics, know where your food comes from, etc.   I would never advise eating non-clean/pristine animal protein. 


Could we have some more details on the different types of tests Nasha discusses, it’s so important.

***My book and my interview with Dr. Mercola and my CBC class with Oncology Nutrition Institute are all good resources on this and my docs that I have trained are well versed.


Can we detox to get rid of some of these oestrogens

***YES!  Hydrate, fiber, sauna, avoid plastics, non-clean/pristine animal protein, stop taking hormones including steroids, and depending on individual, some good supplements to detox as well.


How can we find suitably trained naturopaths in the UK?

***You can’t. They aren’t trained the same.  You want an ND trained in US or you want to work with an ND from the UK that has gone the extra mile to study this and connect with physicians that can help them order the proper tests and imaging. 


Why fasting around chemo helps? I though you need nutrients to detoxify chemo load like aminoacids, which are missing when you are fasting...

***Listen/read up on Dr. Valter Longo’s work on this. I find fasting around chemo is the single most powerful thing a patient can do to enhance outcomes and lower toxicity.


Are inhibitors any use for weakly oestrogen positive triple negative BC?

***Not sure what this question is asking???


It is so refreshing to see and hear Dr Nasha Winters energy how does she herself maintain her wellness ?

***LOL! Thank you!  I am very regimented with food and sleep.  Those are my super powers.  I am in bed by 9:30 almost every night and up by 5:30 and meditate, stretch or walk and sauna most days BEFORE I turn on any technology.  I fast most days for at least 16 hours and I haven’t eaten grains or legumes in over a decade and for me, that has changed my body composition, brain fog issues and hormone balance significantly. I am in better shape/health now at almost 50 than I have ever been.  I take media fasts and surround myself with people that inspire me and feed my sould.  As Rumi said “Seek those that fan your flames”---I have become incredibly discerning in my aging process of who I choose to engage or spend my time with and don’t waste time in places that drain my energyJ  I know right away when that is happening and change course immediately.  We are the sum of the 5 closest people you spend time with in your life.  Choose wiselyJ


I’ve heard you previously discuss the benefits of Infra-red saunas , could you briefly discuss the benefits and is this something you would recommend and on   weekly and ongoing basis

***LOVE them! I do one at least 5 days/week for 30-45 minutes each time.  With my SNPs and my medical history, I don’t detox easily so have to help my body take out the garbage.  It invigorates me, keeps my lymphedema at bay, enhances circulation and opens up my organs of elimination…


Are all these figures in Nasha’s book?

***Likely.  But I have hundreds of interviews, podcasts, articles available for free on my website as well.


Are all these blood tests and correct values in your book? it was a little quick for me!

***Yes. Or on the resources mentioned above.


What about progesterone positive and estrogen positive breast cancer and treatment with progesterone as a way to counteract the proliferation effects of estrogen?  Kevin Bethel @ Amber Life Clinic

***Nope.  Same story here.  Progesterone turns into estrogen.  Please review the first part of our interview to get a sense of what is really at play here.


How can I stop menstrual heavy bleeding - I had blood transfusion at hospital since February but I have no treatment for very heavy and abnormal bleeding. Thanks.

***You need to find out WHY you have heavy bleeding. It isn’t a transfusion deficiency.  In my practice in the past, I treated this a lot and it was about treating the terrain imbalances…but first you have to know what they are.


What about pregnancy and hormones and remission and IVF?

***Many women diagnosed with pre-menopausal cancer had it occur AFTER pregnancy---  The issue is how they personally metabolize hormones and whatever other drops are impacting the bucket. IVF is very dangerous and has sadly brought me many a cancer patient in my career.  If you have done it, you MUST work with someone knowledgable to test, assess, address and clean things up.


What are your views on the controversy around phytoestrogens?  Do they block more harmful estradiol or are they not beneficial?

***ID:  got to know the woman before making a recommendation either way.


Are there any studies re the O3:O6 and CBD info? Very interesting!

***Check out work by Dr. Dedi Mieri out of Israel and his work around CBD and breast cancer.  Again—SNPs play a role here. If you have hiccups in the CYP2C9*3 area, you are likely NOT a candidate for THC but may still do well on CBD.  If you have a lot of issues on how you metabolize hormones, then even CBD could be pro-estrogenic in some cases…..again---this is an ID moment.  My husband, Steve Ottersberg, has lectured extensively on the Omega 3:6 ratio issues and THC/CBD response---that is well articulated in the literature.  Google him as his lectures on this might be on the internet.  But you can also google Omega 6:3 and THC response.


My lab results: Er+/PR+/HER2 + IDC, 1 yr post treatment last Labs- CRP <1; ESR 12; LDH 256- where do I start optimising these labs?

***Please get with someone trained in integrative oncology.  The latter two (ESR and LDH are very elevated suggesting something is awry).  Not necessarily cancer, but needs follow up.  Including your tumor markers and possible imaging.


So Macha is bad??

***Maca not Matcha---not “bad” just very estrogenic


What is the best way to reduce night time cortisol?

***Turn off your screens after sunset.  Take a cool shower before bed (lower body temperature), Don’t eat at least 3 hours before bed.  Take melatonin.  Work with someone that can assess what herbs or supplements might fit for you such as L-theanine, lavender, etc.


What is the ratio of nutrifil to lymphocyte ratio please.....I know my stats but not sure what the ratio should be?  Many thanks

***Should be 2:1 or better but careful not to switch to anything more than a 1:1 (such as a 1:2 when more lymphs than neutrophis—that suggests blood cancer or myelodysplastic issues).  And simply do a pubmed search on all cause mortality and NLR.


How wide are the differences in training from GB to US?

***Very.  Our training is almost identical to MDs.  Here is a comparision: and and,both%20ND%20and%20MD%20students.&text=During%20the%20first%20two%20years,not%20more%20than%2C%20MD%20students

Up until Flexner Report of 1910, the primary medical schools in US offered ND licensure, after that report, they were near extinction until resurrected in 1960’s.


I have been on tamoxifen for 3 years and my oestrogen levels have constantly risen during this time. They are now 200 xs the level they should be! Could this be the tamoxifen?

***Talked about on the interview but she needs to get checked out and make sure to have a uterine ultrasound, CA 125, CEA done ASAP and likely needs to stop this immediately as well as look at impact this drug had on her 4-OH estrogen levels on something like a DUTCH test and request a CYP2D6/Tamoxifen test to see how she metabolizes this drug.  Likely NOT a fit given what she is experiencing---she also needs a new doctor given this one has dropped the ball.


My chemo dictates taking after food morning and night so how can you fast .....

***All doctors and nurses dictate that to our patients as well, yet they still fast.  Work with someone trained in fasting around chemo and who knows you and your chemo type to offer guidance.


What about Vitamin E? Heard a lot about it being bad last weekend. Is it bad for ovarian cancer



Are targeted therapy drugs new to the UK?

***Not sure but guessing no.  Herceptin, Gleevac, Avastin are all targeted therapies that have been around for decades world wide and the newer “ibs and abs” drugs have been around for a good decade or so.


I see now how so much influence our internal organs that lives within our bodies  have so much influence to how each other react and survives with each other Dr Nasha Winters is explaining this so extremely well

***J Yay!


Cost of testing is very high here too. We need help to find the best value ones. Any advice Nasha or anyone?

***Many patients in the US created “lab coops” and procured lower cash pay pricing. Not sure if that is available to NHS system but where there is a will there is a wayJ 


What should we be looking at in full blood count

***Mostly NLR, WBC, MCV status (if higher than 90, shows some methylation issues), platelets (~175-250)---too high or too low a problem, H&H---if low Hemoglobin will give falsely low HbA1C.  Monocytes/Eos/Baso---if all elevated can show parasite/infection, dysbiosis.  Remember that labs are based on the average of the population, and we are not a healthy population, so you do not want to be average. Work with someone that uses/understands optimal lab ranges.


How long after completion of cancer treatment should blood tests be continued for?

***Ideally folks should get the following labs done annually no matter your history/diagnosis in order to head things off at the pass:  CBC with diff, CMP, Quantitative CRP, ESR, LDH, GGT, ferritin, fibrinogen, D3, TSH, Total T4, Free T3, HbA1C, insulin, Homocysteine.  This would give you a pretty broad sweep blood physical to see things brewing long before they are a problem.  If diagnosed with cancer, add in the proper tumor markers as well and possibly more speciality tests depending such as ceruloplasmin, copper and VEGF to look at angiogenesis.  And if the trifecta (CRP, LDH, ESR) are elevated, run that monthly until they are in normal range.  And depending on the cancer type and stage, may be running 2-4 times per year for years to come.  And once past the 5 year mark, annually.  Testing is the single most important factor to why my patients don’t meet the statistic and have better outcomes. 


Can OESTROGEN help my partner who has just completed a 5-week course of chemo-radiotherapy for rectal cancer? I have been been on oestrogen for decades and its fantastic for my energy, preventing osteoporosis etc etc and as an antidote to corona virus (acc. to trials!) Don't be SHOCKED but I have been encouraging my male partner to apply the gel [derived from plants - not mare's urine!], because of its immune elevation and energy benefits. Also, according to trials, it is prescribed to assist men with erectile dysfunction and has also proved to increase their feelings of energy, mood and general well-being. Of course, I can't say what effect it has had on him but so far there have been no negative side-effects.

***I hope my comments on this discussion and my book help answer this question. But I will also be blunt (unapologetically so, if I can save one person from causing harm to themselves)  NO F’ing WAY would I ever mix cancer with hormones and I don’t think anyone should be taking hormones of any kind.  And if for some reason you are a rare bird that does need them, you need to work with someone that knows how to assess your risk/benefit of this and how you are metabolizing this.  Men’s cancers today are also estrogen driven, so please don’t apply that.  Once you read my book, and the other books I noted, you will find there are far safer ways to achieve good sexual, cardiovascular, bone health without risk.


Is there any book related to teenager cancer (lymphoma)

***Yes—mine.  We don’t treat cancer, we treat terrain. I have worked with pediatric/young adult cancers for decades…all applies here as well. I have a graduated pediatric oncology expert as well that you can find on my website.


Was that a no to red clover and ashwaganda if you have a hormone cancer like prostate?

***No on red clover, ashwaganda and maca--- and google ashwaganda and prostate cancer—a GREAT big no there…VERY associated with driving cancer cell proliferation in that population.


What do you think of hydroponics vegetables?

***As long as no chemicals used or too much tweaking of the circadian light rhythm causing stress in the plants, upping their lectin content, then they can be fabulous.  Great answer to so many of our food deserts!


What is the name of the non-profit hospital Dr Winters is building and where is it located and when will it be operational?

***Please read the whole site, check out the downloads of the one pager overview and investment opportunities and watch the short video.  We are now in our capital campaign to make this 28 year dream a reality!  We need all your help!


You said hormones effect us from all cells, and impact/are created from colon cancer.  My cancer has metastasised to lymph nodes.  Any advice for how to reduce hormones here, other than what you've already suggested?.... blood tests, CDC thanks

***J ID for sure—need to know more about the intricacies of YOU to help you find the best path forward.


I have complex ptsd and have found somatic experiencing therapy life saving. Too late for comment maybe?

***Would love clarification on this….???  Somatic Experiencing?  Do they mean psychedelic medicines?  If that is the case, plenty of studies showing impact here in a favorable way.  If I am missing what they mean, would love to know so I can respond properly.


I was advised to take ashwaganda to lower cortisol. Is this wrong?

***ID---are you dealing with cancer?  Then there are better ways to do this.  Other adaptogens, like Reishi, Tulsi, Eleuthro, Rhodiola, lowering sugar intake, meditation, etc.


Please can you type all blood test to be done?

***See some comments above