Stretch & Exercise Classes led by Alisa Burke from Penny Brohn UK

Join Alisa Burke, personal trainer and Exercise lead at Penny Brohn UK, in these sessions designed to start with gentle moving stretches followed by some exercises to energise the whole body and wake up our main muscle groups; especially muscles that can help correct unhelpful postures. 


These sessions can be done independently, or one after the other to make a 30 minute session…perfect for taking a movement break from the conference.


Alisa Burke

Alisa Burke has been working with a wide variety of clients in various aspects of wellbeing since 2007 including in gym studios in both Singapore and Bristol, running corporate wellbeing seminars in the UK, and using her qualifications in GP Exercise Referral and Cancer and Exercise Rehab to support people with health challenges. She has worked as a trainer on the Safefit Trial and Service during the lockdowns, and runs online exercise support services for Penny Brohn UK. Alisa takes an integrated whole person approach to bring about deeper and quicker results and lasting positive change. Alisa’s clients have describe her as direct, knowledgeable and caring and will always hold your wellbeing as most important.

If you have any questions or are interested in 1-2-1 support, you can get in touch with Alisa by email: or contact Penny Brohn UK bookings team 

If you are interested in joining Alisa's weekly online Flexibility and Balance, Strength and Stamina, or Building Back to Strength group classes for anyone with a cancer diagnosis as well as their supporters, you can find out more and register on the Penny Brohn UK online services web page. These services are free of charge but donations are much needed to keep our services open and available to all during these difficult times. 

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