Spiritual Healing led by Michele Eve from Eve Energy Healing

Michele Eve is a Spiritual Healer based in Bristol UK. Her own healing journey began in earnest when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000. Alongside conventional medicine, she sought to empower and heal herself using complementary therapies, and in particular Spiritual Healing. Since then she has gained a wide experience of working with people with their physical, emotional and spiritual challenges in a supportive and expansive way.

In 2009 she gained her qualification with the Healing Trust (NFSH). Since then she has worked at Penny Brohn UK, a charity for people affected by cancer. As well as running retreats and educational courses, she has offered Healing 1:1s, group work and healing circles.
Due to the nature of her work she has supported many people as they have approached death. She is currently running Self Healing Circles and Healing Retreats online.

Michele is a Healing Trust Tutor and offers mentoring for students.
She devised a study unit and tutor on Healing for the National Centre for Integrative Medicine's Diploma in Integrative Healthcare. She is also qualified as a NatureWell facilitator working with people for wellbeing with the Natural Academy

For many years she has organised the regular New Moon Healings at Glastonbury Goddess Temple, and in 2013 she travelled with the Healing Hands organisation to Sarajevo offering healing to those affected by war and genocide. She has trained in reiki, shamanic healing practices, methods centred on wellbeing in Nature and Goddess spirituality.



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