Qigong led by John Millar from Three Monkeys School of Qigong

For millennia, the moving meditation of Qigong has been used in China to balance and strengthen the body, mind and spirit through a combination of natural movement, static postures and breath work. The benefits of Qigong may be experienced within nearly all aspects of today’s busy world, helping to improve a range of health conditions, increase flexibility and transform our response to stress. Qigong also allows people to access a place of stillness, from where they can observe their physical, emotional and energetic responses and gain insight into the nature of the interactions that surround them.


John Millar

John’s passion is in making the ideas and practices within the Chinese moving meditation of Qigong fun, accessible and relevant to a modern western audience.

This passion has led him to work with a wide range of corporate and healthcare organisations in the UK, mainland Europe and the Middle East. Since being introduced to Qigong in 1997, John’s exploration has led him to study with some of the most highly regarded teachers of Qigong in the UK, Europe, Australasia and China.

Along the way he has studied with 7 different schools and qualified to teach in 4 different system before finding his chosen path with Zhineng Qigong.

On a pure qigong basis, John now offers classes and one to one consultations from his home in Suffolk as Energy Play Qigong and works with Jeremy to run retreats and teacher training through Three Monkeys School of Qigong.

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