Mindfulness led by Chris Bowles from the National Centre for Integrative Medicine

In this recording, Chris Bowles, NCIM Mindfulness for Wellbeing Lead and qualified Mindfulness for Cancer practitioner, guides you through a 20-minute guided meditation to re-centre, rebalance and find inner calm.

The National Centre for Integrative Medicine (NCIM)  offers Mindfulness as part of its integrative approach, combining the best of conventional, lifestyle and holistic approaches to improve health and wellbeing. NCIM has a team of clinicians that are passionate about supporting people living with cancer with an integrative oncology service which includes Mistletoe Therapy (oral and subcutaneous injected), Mindfulness, Nutrition, Acupuncture and Medical Homeopathy. Join Dr Elizabeth Thompson, NCIM CEO and Lead Clinician, and Megan Odell, NCIM Acupuncturist and TCM Practitioner on Saturday 12 February for their session 'Beyond Conventional Medicine' with Bobby Sira and Alex Laird. To learn more NCIM services including 1:1 consultations, webinars, courses and training please check out www.ncim.org.uk

Want to learn more about Mistletoe Therapy and how it can support you through cancer treatment and beyond? Sign-up for the NCIM Holistic Doctor webinar on 'Integrative Oncology: Supporting People through Cancer Treatment with Mistletoe Therapy'. Recordings may be available!



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