Emotional Freedom Technique led by Fiona Shakeela Burns from NatureWorx

EFT also known as Emotional Freedom technique or ‘Tapping’ can be described as “emotional acupressure” and uses the same meridians in the body that acupuncture does.  When combined with language, the unconscious mind and emotions can be reached and trauma is easily released. During a session of EFT, will encourage the person to connect with certain memories whilst providing a safe space of holding so that healing and release can occur.


Fiona Shakeela Burns


Fiona is an integrative natural health consultant who practises in Bristol UK, offering Skype, telephone and face-to-face onsultations. Passionate about life, Fiona delights in supporting people to connect to their natural vitality, healing- potential and joy.   She combines her strong intuition with a scientific understanding of the physiology of the body and chemistry of herbs that she both grows and sources from trusted suppliers. EFT (or Tapping) enables Fiona to support her clients to understand and clear the emotional root causes of disease.

Fiona has a particular interest in health and transformation, having herself recovered twice from diseases deemed terminal by her doctors, both as a child and as an adult.

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