The Mulberry Centre

The Mulberry Centre's core mission is to improve the lives of anyone affected by cancer, including those with a diagnosis, carers, family members and bereaved relatives, by enhancing emotional, psychological and physical well-being.

Since it first opened its doors in 2001, The Mulberry Centre has grown and adapted its services to meet the needs of the people they aim to serve. As people are living longer with a cancer diagnosis, they recognise that their needs may change over time. It is not just the physical manifestation of the disease, but the emotional and practical impacts that we are able to respond to.

They aim to deliver a range of information and support services to all people affected by a diagnosis of cancer: to the cancer patient, friends and family, carers and those bereaved by cancer. Services include complementary and relaxation therapies, ongoing one to one support on a drop-in basis, counselling sessions and support groups, plus a wide range of workshops. The combination of information, support, self-management and relaxation helps people feel in control; it helps them to make the right decisions to manage both the physical and mental trauma of a cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

In addition, their outreach activities have been gaining momentum, forging links with a broad range of relevant health and community organisations and targeting and approaching sections of the community who have tended not to be active users of The Mulberry Centre. It is difficult to quantify the numbers who we reach in this way, but the recent 34% increase in service users can to a large extent be explained as a result of our outreach work.

Longstanding relationships with a wide range of health professionals, public bodies and voluntary organisations also help them to achieve and sustain their aims.

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