At MycoNutri we offer a range of the highest quality mushrooms manufactured in the UK. We carefully select the most active raw materials for our products to ensure the highest levels of efficacy. All of our products contain scientifically produced combinations of the most active components of each mushroom. We are committed to developing and producing premium nutritional supplements that deliver the health benefits of medicinal mushrooms to a global audience through our ranges.

We use a combination of hot-water extracts, ethanolic extracts, mycelial biomass, mushroom fruiting bodies, mycelium and synergistic nutrients to deliver the full health benefits of each mushroom and the most effective combinations.

The quality of all MycoNutri products is ensured by careful selection of the best raw materials together with individual inspection of all suppliers and rigorous independent laboratory testing of raw materials to ensure they meet the highest standards.

All MycoNutri products are manufactured in the UK to EC Food standards and are suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans, no additives are used within our products and they are dairy, gluten, maize and soya free. Our organic products are certified by the Soil Association.

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