Did you know almost all supplements are degraded by your body without giving the nutrient a chance to do any good?  This means many people are taking vitamins and spending money on them for little or no reason.

Oral ingestion is convenient and easy to administer, especially when compared with intravenous delivery, however digestive enzymes, stomach acids, bile salts and various gut flora degrade the nutrients and result in how much (or little) of the nutrient reaches systemic circulation.

Lipolife® liposomal technology overcomes the problem of poor bioavailability by encapsulating these nutrients into very small multi-layer spheres or liposomes.  By doing this we are able to mimic the actual cellular delivery and absorption mechanism of the body.

Correctly formulated liposomal products provide improved systemic and cellular absorption of nutrients.  Biocompatible liposomes have intraoral and lymphatic absorption capabilities, impacting systemic circulation in a way that until now only intravenous therapies could achieve. Additionally, lymphatic delivery via liposomes bypasses the first-pass metabolism in the liver.

These liposomal packages of nutrition are absorbed through the small intestine and enter the bloodstream. When they reach a cell where they are needed, they fuse with the cell membrane and the nutritional content is absorbed.

Both fat and water-soluble nutrients can be encapsulated inside liposomes which makes liposomal formulas extremely versatile and capable of being host to many different nutrients.

Lipolife® liposomal technology results in the highest achievable absorption via oral delivery.

A small dose makes a BIG difference.

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