Chemothermia was founded in 2010 by two of the most experienced medical oncologists in Turkey: Prof. Bulent Berkada and Asst. Prof. Mehmet Salih İyikesici together with Dr Abdul Kadir Slocum, a leading proponent of integrative cancer care, in order to deliver world-class cancer treatment using the latest integrative approaches.

Chemothermia are committed to expanding the paradigms for cancer treatment with the ultimate goal of creating a holistic treatment model which supports the patient whilst attacking the cancer, as opposed to attacking the cancer by attacking the patient. Their approach is grounded in the scientific study of the role of cellular metabolism in health – an overlooked area which is attracting increasing attention across the medical spectrum, from immunologists to mental health experts.

The fundamental premise of our approach is that cellular metabolism has a foundational role in all aspects of our health due to its role in regulating energy transference and balance throughout the body. Supporting and balancing this system against both the debilitations of cancer and of its treatment can increase the patient’s resilience to both, giving them more time to fight the disease.

Every individual’s metabolism is unique and they therefore believe that an integrative, holistic approach to cancer treatment must be equally personalised in order to have the highest chance of success.

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