Reboot Your Health

Sara Davenport

When was the last time you stopped to tune in to your body? When you pause to consider your health, how do you feel - energized and full of life, or exhausted and constantly struggling? Most of us have shockingly little awareness of how badly our body is functioning, let alone how to take charge of our own health.

In Reboot Your Health, Sara Davenport reveals her holistic blueprint for wellbeing - a DIY manual to help you assess the function of each of your body's systems and build a clear and detailed map of your health. You'll find:
· A range of simple, inexpensive tests you can do at home, and others that require you to visit a health professional
· Advice on understanding test results
· Action plans to resolve specific issues and improve your overall wellbeing
· A roadmap to nutrition: no crazy diets, just sensible information
· Advice on how to sleep better, lower stress levels, reduce toxins in your environment and improve your fitness (without going to the gym!)

Once you've established your 'Health Baseline' you can then return to it, year after year, to monitor your progress. Everyone has the ability to take charge of their health. This book provides the tools you need to restore balance and discover a healthier, happier you.

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