Awakenings in the Time of Coronavirus

Sophie Sabbage

A timely and vital guide to emotional freedom from the best-selling author of The Cancer Whisperer and Lifeshocks.

The most serious health crisis in a century has delivered a tsunami of unexpected, stressful events - lifeshocks - to most of the world. It has also shone a light on long-standing mental challenges we have not done enough to remedy:


  • The preexisting epidemic of loneliness, which research shows has been killing more people that diabetes, cancer and heart disease
  • An inability to handle fear in the face of uncertainty and adversity
  • A steady rise in numerous mental health issues in every age group

This potent audiobook provides profound insights into these issues and practical ways to engage with them. Sophie teaches these by talking to real people about their lifeshocks and guiding them through the processes as well as by sharing her insights and experiences. It is a mini-workshop in a book, authored by someone who has been living with terminal cancer since 2014 and who has equipped thousands of people to find emotional freedom.

Sophie is a creativity-in-crisis alchemist and master practitioner of the revolutionary and transformational LifeWork(TM) which she has been teaching for over 25 years.

Sophie’s new audiobook is now available on Audible: Awakenings in the Time of Coronavirus - and lifting emotional lockdown.

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