Your Life and Cancer is an annual online event to aid cancer treatment, enhance quality of life and improve possible outcomes.

The first Your Life and Cancer event took place online over two weekends in September and October 2020.

40+ international cancer care experts discussed the benefits of integrating lifestyle, complementary and holistic approaches alongside conventional medicine such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery.

Attend for just £35 per weekend*

The Your Life and Cancer 2020 weekends welcomed 40+ Cancer Care Experts from across the globe:



If you, or a loved one is faced with a cancer diagnosis, knowing where to get trusted medical information is vital. The Yes to Life Charity promotes evidence informed lifestyle strategies that can improve well-being, reduce adverse effects and lower the risk of relapse and improve long term survival. I look forward to being a part of this brand new event that looks like it will be a wonderful resource for those living with or after cancer. Prof Robert Thomas, Consultant Oncologist, Primrose Oncology & Research Unit, Bedford Hospital.


Your Life and Cancer is organised in partnership with the Yes to Life charity, as part of their ongoing commitment to providing support
and information for those affected by cancer. Their aim is to change attitudes and make integrative cancer care (combining the best of
conventional and complementary approaches) readily available so more people have the best chance of reclaiming their health.


We understand the importance of self care which is why we incorporated a wellness area into the online event.

During the weekend, visitors were welcome to drop in and take part in a variety of activities including breathwork, yoga and meditation all pre-recorded and available to view at your leisure.

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